Applications Modules

Application Modules provides standard and customized functionality to the users via their browsers and webDAV applications. Most of these modules depend on the intraSERV modules and fews depend on logonSERV.


  • aMAIL
    Web based email access system. No specific mail client installations required at the users computers.

  • CIMS
    Contact Information Managment System to maintain addressbook and other contact information.

  • DFC - Digital Filling Cabinet
    Electronic document store for company wide data. User level data sharing. Allow users to maintain a Private and Public data areas for publishing documents.

  • Chat
    Intra users text chat system.

  • Calender/Task
    Each user can maintain his/her individual calender of events and tas.

  • MEMO
    Inter Office MEMO System.

  • Notice Board
    Company Wide electronic notice board.

  • Attendance System
    Simple based on user login or logoff. Custom based with data acquisition from finger print and card.