Office Mantra bakupSERV solution ensures that in case, the user's system goes down or one of your server                                                                                   
hard disk fails, then several man-months or years worth of data can still be recovered.
Following are the benefits you get when you install our bakupSERV:


Automatic backup: Your organization need not invest on man-power for such dog-works. Thus you also reduce human error and procrastination.
Intelligent multi version backups: thus allowing older version of data to be recalled
Data De-duplication: Multiple copies of identical data can be removed without distorting the Data View. Hence you save cost on Hard Drive space too
Protect your data from earthquake, fire, flood, etc
Archiving: Storing data on offline read-only media for historical, legal and statutory purposes.                          
Support for CD/DVD Writers, Tape drives, external USB/eSATA drives Safe & secure
Malware Scanning: The data can be scanned for viruses, malware, etc.
Disaster Recovery: Disaster recovery provided via the optional DR-Cloud module