mailGate, based on Open Standards, is a low cost but high value email Server/Gateway solution for companies of any size. It’s the ideal solution for Internet / Intranet mailing and works on Dial-up, DSL, ISDN, Leased Lines. The system provides for multiple mailboxes and instant distribution over a single Modem/Internet Connection and Internet


Based on Open Standards-

  • mailGATE is based on SMTP/POP3 protocol ensuring compatibility with all mail clients.
  • Works as an SMTP gateway for other propriety email servers.

Support for External Mail and Internal Mail-

  • Emails can come in from the external Internet and email can go out from the internal network.

Auto or On-demand dialing-

  • The server can automatically dial up/connect to the Internet and download/upload emails in one shot. Also it can disconnect from the Internet when there is no pending email. This saves a lot on phone/bandwidth bills and the hassle of manual dialing.

Ease of Use-

  • Mail can be retrieved from the server using standard protocols (POP3/IMAP) and popular email clients like Netscape Messenger, Eudora, Pine, etc. The users can use their favorite email clients. Practically no special training is required to get started.
  • Optionally (aMAIL module), our web based email solution can be used. It is standard based, cross platform, user friendly application. The user just needs a javascript enabled web browser to access emails. Further more she can retrieve her emails form any workstation/computer without requiring any special software setups. This type of email access will be similar to other web based mail like Yahoo mail, Hotmail, etc. (see the topic Web based access below in the optional section)

IMAP/POP support-

  • Users can remotely create/delete mailboxes using mailGATE's IMAP support. This feature enables them to segregate their email messages into multiple folders and sub-folders on the server itself.

Unlimited Messages-

  • mailGATE supports unlimited messages and can be as large as the storage capacity of the server.

Unlimited Internal Users-

  • mailGATE can support virtually unlimited number of users on a single server. No additional client licenses are required for adding an user or an email ID. Also with our optional web site support ( see our webHOST module) you can have unlimited external Internet email accounts without having to pay anything extra (see below in optional section)

Aliases/Mail Redirection-

  • mailGATE allows users to create aliases or ‘assumed or role names’. This feature helps user receive mail sent on the alias name, into one mailbox. For example can be redirected to

Email box sharing-

  • Share one external POP3/IMAP Mail account among many internal accounts/ mailboxes.

Email Synchronizer-

  • mailGATE can get email from any number of POP3 accounts on more than one external email servers into one mailbox. Specially helpful for role accounts.


  • mailGATE is highly secure so that none other than the Administrator (and that too with the root password) can access it.


  • mailGATE authenticates users before allowing them to send / receive mail through the server. While sending mail you can set an additional layer of security by specifying which user computers can send mail.


  • Allows Text and/or Binary file(s) to be attached with an email message sent or received. This helps users send word, excel, pdf, etc documents via email.