Emotional Quotient

Emotional Quotient is a measure of a person’s ability to understand how their actions influence the way other people 
would respond to them, emotionally. It is the art of empathy and leadership combined. If one has technical skills and
knowledge, but is not able to inspire positive emotions in others, then he will not achieve his goals. Since we need to 
gain the cooperation of others, we need to learn skills of emotional quotient. Managers should not ignore feelings of
co-workers, doing so can make them unproductive. Inspite of it, they should recognise the fact that, how teamates
feel affects their work performance. Become sensitive to emotions, and become skilled at preserving and building
positive emotions in the team.
Our training program on Emotional Quotient provide awareness of the emotional state to corporate professionals, together with 
the ability to influence feelings towards the positive. It combines theory of Emotional Quotient together with opportunities to 
practice the art of inspiring a positive atmosphere.

Training Solutions:

  • Emotional Self Awareness
  • Developing Emotional Quotient
  • Science of Emotional Quotient
  • Delivering the Best When It is Important
  • Must of Emotional Quotient
  • People Management Skills with EQ
  • Epertise in Emotional Quotient
  • Team Emotional Quotient