Ergonomics if directly related to the human interaction with his workplace environment. It  
is about matching the job to worker and product to user. It focuses on human behavior and 
handling of machines, tools and other utilities, objects or articles. It covers situations 
like lifting, lighting, movements as well as health and safety concerns.

Training is an important element in the ergonomic process. Training should be conducted in 
a language and vocabulary that all workers understand and is best provided by individuals who
have experience with ergonomic issues in your particular industry. Our customized training 
solutions directly impact on workplace environment and dealing, equipment handling, tool 
handling, human movements in ware house and health and safety issues. 


Training Solutions: 

  • Ergonomics Awareness & Process
  • Office Ergonomics
  • Working in Sitting and Standing Positions
  • Material Handling & Safety
  • Ergonomics in Manufacturing Units
  • Ergonomics Risk and Solutions 
  • Ergonomics in Warehouse