Operating System

  Operating System or OS is an interpreter between Human and Machine interface. It is a software program designed to enable the computer hardware and peripherals to communicate and manage
  application programs as per the user requirements. Devices like Mobile Phones, Tablets, Video Game Consoles, Computers, Manufacturing Tools, CNC Machines etc. 

  Some known operating system are Linux, OS X, QNX, Steam OS, Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, BSD, Chrome OS, z/OS, FreeRTOS, Micrium and VxWorks.
  Overture Rede has been providing training on all leading operating systems and reknown and leading training provider in the corporate industry. Our offerings include all of the
  leading Operating Systems Training Programs, including Apple, Citrix, HP, Microsoft, Red Hat and Oracle and Unix and Linux. 
Our courses cover various areas of systems design, deployment,
  management and troubleshooting – our 
competence development skills help IT professionals to enjoy more robust, more secure and more cost-effective computing.

Training Solutions:

Fundamentals of Operating Systems

  • Understanding Linux
  • Fundamentals of Android OS
  • Basics of Operatings Systems and Applications

Administration of Operating Systems

  • Linux System Administration
  • Advanced Linux Administration
  • Ubuntu System Administration
  • Xubuntu System Administration
  • Administering Windows
  • Android Essential
  • FreeRTOS Administration

Network & Security of Operating Systems

  • Linux System Troubleshooting
  • Linux Network Services
  • Linux Network Security and Implementation
  • Android Security Fundamentals