Passive Infrastructure


Passive Infrastructure is site planning, site acquisition and obtaining of necessary regulatory approvals, site erection 
and commissioning of tower and allied equipment. After the site starts radiating, the site maintenance including provision
of support services such as back-up power, air-conditioning and security will be handled by the tower companies. 
Telecom towers may be a ground based tower (GBT) or a roof top tower (RTT). Ground based towers are erected on the ground 
with a height of 40 meters to 80 meters. These ground based towers are mostly installed in rural and semi-urban areas 
because of the easy availability of land. Ground Based Towers involve a capital expenditure of around Rs 2.5 million depending
on the height of the tower. A GBT can accommodate 5 to 6 tenants in its tower. Roof-Top Tower (RTT) on the other hand, is 
placed on the terrace of high-rise buildings particularly in urban areas. In cities like Mumbai and Delhi where the high rise 
buildings are available, instead of towers poles are errected for installing antennas. A roof top tower can accommodate 2 to 3
tenants. Passive components include the land, tower, shelter, air conditioning equipment, diesel electric generator, battery,
electrical supply, technical premises and easements etc.
Analyzing Passive Infra Training requirements we have designed the training program which are simpler, motivative and task oriented.



Training Solutions:

Telecom Towers

  • Cellular Telecom Towers Design, Fabrication and Supply
  • Telecom Towers Erection and Painting
  • Supply of Telecom Towers
  • Supply and Erection of Towers
  • Supply and Implementation of Telecom Towers
  • Supply and Installation of Telecom Shelters
  • Tower Installation
  • Tower commissioning
  • Tower execution

Facility Management

  • Passive Infra Fault Management
  • Facility Management
  • Energy ManagemTowersent
  • Renewable Energy Management
  • Power Supply management of telecom towers & shelters

Passive Infrastructure Operation & Maintenance

  • Civil foundations and Structural constructions for Telecom Cell Sites
  • Operation and Maintenance of Passive Infrastructure of Telecom Cell Sites
  • RF and MW LOS Survey
  • Design, Supply and Installation of Telecom Passive Infrastructure
  • Telecom Infrastructure Preparation and Implementation
  • Design, Supply and Installation of Telecom Equipment Enclosures
  • Site Preparation Services including Civil, Structural & Electrical works
  • Alarm terminations
  • Premise wiring systems fundamentals
  • Rowing Machine
  • Micro crushing Machine
  • Directional Drilling Machine
  • Horizontal drilling Machine
  • Design, Supply and Installation of Telecom Equipment Shelters
  • Project Management Consultancy for Telecom Infrastructure Development


  • MW Transmission Network Planning, LOS Survey and Link Engineering
  • Operation and Maintenance of OFC Network
  • In Building Ducting & copper termination (IBD)
  • Copper cable terminations
  • Fiber Optic Fundamentals
  • Fiber Optic Installer
  • Fiber Characterization Introduction
  • Optical Fiber Management