Wireline, which is also known as Fixed Line Telecommunication, is based upon communication through metal wires and optical fibres.The network enables
the information like voice and data to travel electronically. It is inclusive of interlinked connections and redistribution systems. Traditional examples of wireline
are voice calls made between users through wires and switches via landline or pay phones and fax. Developing over period of time broadband came into existence delivering VoIP, Internet, TV Services with Managed Private Communications.

If we talk about the architecture, previously, telecom companies used to render Internet connectivity to users over the copper network.It was combined with a high-speed fiber component through a basic DSL (digital subscriber line). Fiber, also known as fiber optic, is an efficient, high-capacity physical medium—compared to copper wires. It transmits information—including data and voice. Now, telecom companies has been upgrading their network with fiber to provide high-speed Internet connections. The last mile refers to the link from the edge of a telecom network to a customer’s premises. Also, they’re providing the Internet on enhanced broadband networks with advanced DSL. They can provide similar speeds as fiber.

Overture Rede offers comprehensive training solutions to telecommunication industry covering all the important aspects of wireling networks, applications and services.
Our aim is to render advanced telecommunication concepts solutions to telco professionals with the sole motivationto transit towards next generation technologies

Training Solutions: 

Wireline Fundamentals

  • Wireline Network Fundamentals
  • Broadband Cable Access
  • DSL Technology


  • Essential Carrier Ethernet
  • Ethernet Switching


  • Optical Fibre
  • Fibre Optics
  • Fiber Optics for Utilities
  • FTTx Training
  • Fibre – Emergency Restoration
  • Optical Fibre Cabling and Maintenance
  • Splicing and Installation – Fibre
  • Drilling and the Work Surface