Despite local backups, natural disasters can lead to heavy financial loss. Disaster Recovery on the Cloud 
can be used to keep a backup or an archive of all your  activities. 

Our DR-Cloud gives you the following advantages:

  • Protection : It protects your critical data, in case of earthquake, flood, fire, robbery and other acts of god authorities, by safely keeping it away from your premises.
  • Safety: It stores your data in the cloud in an encrypted form so that no one else, besides you, can access it.
  • Geographical Separation: You have a choice of US, UK and India based servers. You may select one or  more in parallel.
  • You can choose your mode of archival (multiple versions or single versions)                               
  • You may choose FIFO mode with finite number of versions
  • You even have an option to choose single mode (one current version)