Ever heard of the concept Degraded Functionality?

Degrade: In standard English it means to lower or reduce down, and in Chemistry it indicates simplification (source:Merriam-webstar).Business houses are struggling with a major paradoxical situation every day. With the awareness that there is no 100% guarantee of uptime of any system (software, hardware etc.) there is a perpetual struggle to achieve full time functionality through every single productive hour.Overture Rede decoded the solution Customized & within reach!

Introducing Office Mantra!
With this synergistic 360 degree approach, we help you keep your enterprise running despite any system related trouble. In the process we systematically zero-ize complete shut-down and provide you and your valued team with ample training to keep the glitches at its lowest.With pride we call this as “Degraded Functionality”.
Any modern IT enabled organization has the following concerns:                                                                                     

  •  Uninterrupted LAN and Internet connectivity
  • Reliable data storage and security
  • User productivity through a properly configured and functional Workstation

    “Degraded Functionality” takes care of these prime concerns and more.We at Overture Rede have expertise managing IT infrastructure and allied tasks–Hardware, Software and Human Resource. Outsource your ‘IT Infrastructure Management and Planning’. It will save your infrastructural expense and maximize productive human time!

It is never that by randomly throwing in new hardware or software, organizational productivity problems will be solved. Any company needs an analyzer who can weave in the correct mix of hardware and software along with an effective training.